In the name of God (Allah) (Bismillah): To my TEXANS friends, as I got my MSc. from TEXAS A&M University,USA

In 1993, we begun the construction of the first Masjeed (Moske) in Bryan College Station (Texas A&M University).

In this times of distress and disaster, I invite all my friends to recognize the great mistake that Jimmy Swaggart took you  through, and reorient your soul and mind to the now evident truth:

“There is no God except ALLAH and Muhammad is His last prophet and messenger”

Jimmy laughed at Sheikh Ahmad Deedat when he remarked that Muslims can have four wives. Jimmy said: “We Christians can have only one, so I chose the best”  [ He made fun of God’s revelation, and was ridiculed]

And now we know that the best was not good enough and the Holy Ghost could not Help him. Watch the drama at

Posted by  on January 17, 2006

 Take a walk back in history with me as we visit 1987. Swaggart was involved with a prostitute at a Metaire, Louisiana, hotel called the Travel Inn on Airline Highway, when some associates flattened the tires on Swaggart’s car, went to get cameras, and took photographs of Swaggart exiting the hotel with the prostitute.

The story broke on February 20, 1988, four months after Swaggart had promised to confess his sin. On February 21, 1988, on his television show taped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Swaggart tearfully confessed that he was guilty of an unspecified sin and made comparisons to himself and King David.

Here is a BBC presentation on that whole affair. The quality is not stellar, but finding any video on this subject has proven to be quite challenging. (If you can not watch it do your own search, nobody can laugh at God’s revelations)

The fact that people still follow this insane religious freak just shows how many people in this world are misguided and rather hopeless.


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