Comparacion de liderazgo entre el Cristianismo y el Islam/Leadership Comparison between Islam and Christianity


Agosto 20, 2017

Invitacion al Papa Francisco  (English and Spanish)

En el nombre de DIOS, el Clemente y Misericordioso, esta es una respetuosa invitacion que hago al actual lider de la Iglesia Catolica, al honorable Papa Francisco, a quien aprecio mucho por el corage que ha tenido en tratar de corregir los pecados capitales cometidos por la Iglesia Catolica a nivel mundial, y que aun continuan ocurriendo durante su liderazgo. He escrito un libro que se titula “Mi Gran Amor Por Jesucristo Me Condujo Al Islam”. Millones de copias se han distribuido por todo el mundo.

Alli explico, con lujo de detalles, porque abandone el catolicismo, pero ahora con todos los reportajes de pedofilia, homosexualismo, etc., disponibles en differentes medios, le doy las gracias a Dios que me encamino hacia la verdad hace mas de cuatro decadas.

Es por ello que, le hago esta invitacion de todo corazon, por que usted querido hermano, guia a muchas personas de buena fe a una doctrina cuyos jerarcas, estan traicionando la mision de Jesucristo (la paz sea con el). Que la paz sea con usted (como dijo Jesucristo  “Shalom Alykum” en hebreo, y como dijo Mohammad “Asalam alaykum” en Arabe).

Los invito a usted y a sus seguidores y organizadores, e igualmente a sus amigos Judios, a que entren al Islam y seran salvados del terrible castigo de Dios (Alabado sea).

Dijo el profeta Mohammed (la paz y bendiciones de Dios sean con el): “Una persona de la Gente de la Escritura (Judio o Cristiano) que crea en su profeta (Jesus o Moises, la paz sea con ellos) y luego crea en el profeta Muhammed (la paz y bendiciones de Dios sean con el), tendra una doble recompensa.

Me he quedado estupefacto, al leer todas las masacres cometidas por la Iglesia, antes y despues de que Dios claramente habia decretado en el CORAN “No hay coaccion en la religion”, pero aun mas, me he quedado sin habla, al leer las atrocidades que actualmente se cometen en nombre de Jesucristo.

Mi libro esta disponible gratuitamente en esta pagina de Internet.

Que Dios les guie al camino correcto.

La Paz sea con todos.



En lo que respecta a los evangelos llamados “Apocrifos”.

Ha sido encontrado un original del Evangelio de Bernabe que data de una fecha anterior al ISLAM, de entre 15 y 19 siglos de antiguedad en el cual Jesucristo profetiza el Nacimiento del Profeta Mohammad (la paz y bendiciones de Dios sean con el) y que ratifica muchas de las revelaciones de Dios hechas en el Sagrado CORAN, entre ellas que Jesus (la paz sea con el) no fue crucificado.

El Evangelio de Bernabe se aceptó como un Evangelio Canónico en las Iglesias de Alejandria hasta 325 C.E. Ireneus (130-200) escribió a favor del monoteismo puro y se oponia a Pablo por haber inyectado en la doctrina de Cristo creencias de la religión romana pagana y la filosofía Platónica. El había citado extensamente del Evangelio de Bernabe a favor de este en sus Epistolas. Esto muestra que el Evangelio de Bernabe estaba en la circulación en el primer y el segundo siglo de la Era Cristiana.

En 325 C.E., cuando el Concilio de Nicea fue realizado, en este se ordenó que todos Evangelios originales en la escritura hebrea se deberan destruir. Un Edicto se publicó que cualquiera que tuviese en posesión uno de estos Evangelios deberá ser condenado a muerte.

Pero Dios presenta la verdad al mundo a su manera.

EL Evangelio de Bernabe

Descubierto en Turquia

Para el buen entendedor con pocas palabras basta

?Puede ser apocrifo, un evangelio que profetiza el advenimiento del profeta Mohammed (la paz y benciones de DIOS sean con el) ?



August 20, 2017

Invitation to Pope Francis

in the name of God, the most gracious and merciful, this is a respectful invitation I do the current leader of the Catholic Church, the honorable Francis Pope, whom I appreciate very much for the courage that has had in trying to correct the mistake (sins) committed by the Catholic Church worldwide, and still continue to occur during his leadership. I have written a book entitled “My great love for Jesus Christ I drove to Islam”. Millions of copies have been distributed worldwide. Therein I explain, in detail, why I abandon Catholicism in 1979. However, after having read many reports about, not one, but thousands of rapes, and other crimes by church leaders, with the overwhelming number of victims being children, boys and girls, as well as, homosexuality, etc., available in different media, I  thank God that took me out of The Catholic religion and took me to Islam more than 40 years ago. Therefore, I make this invitation with all my heart, to you my dear brother, who guide many people in good faith to a doctrine whose leaders are betraying the mission of Jesus Christ.

Peace be with you, (as said be Jesus, “Shalom Alykum” in Hebreo, and Muhammad in Arabic “Asalam Alaykum”)

I invite you and your followers, and organizers, as well as your friend from among the Jews, to embrace ISLAM, in this way you will be, by the mercy of God, saved from the terrible punishment announced by God to those who have altered His Message.

The prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of GOD be upon him) “A person from amongst the People of The Book (Christian or Jew),who believes in his prophet (Jesus or Moses, peace be upon them) and then believes in him, will be given a double reward buy GOD.

I went in a state of shock, when I read all the genocides carried out by the Catholic church, before and after God had revealed in the Glorious QUR’AN “There is not compulsion in religion”, and even worse, I was speechless, after reading all the actual atrocities committed by leaders of different churches in USA and around the world against innocent children, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

My book is available, for free in this website.

May GOD guide you all to the straight path. Amen.


If the above analysis in my book, using the actual Bible is not convincing enough to see the truth cristal clear, you may try to see the evidences found in older texts, like the Gospel of Barnabas, an original of which have been found and proven to be written before the birth of the last Prophet and Messenger of GOD (Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him) and atributed to Barnabas, real disciple of Jesus, not an impostor. I invite you all to accept the truth before the door of repentance is closed.

The original Gospel of Barnabas

Only Gospel Surviving written in the language spoken by Jesus (ARAMAIC)

If you would like to receive the original clip, here it is


El Puente entre el Cristianismo y el Islam/The Bridge between Christianity and Islam:

EL Evangelio de Bernabe

(Verdadero Discipulo escogido por Jesucristo, la paz sea con el), no Saulo de Tarso (Pablo) / The Gospel of Barnabas (True Disciple chosen by Jesus, peace be upon him ), not Saulo (Pablo)


Chapter 39

Then said John: “Well have you spoken, O master, but we lack to know how man sinned through pride.” Jesus answered: “When God has expelled Satan, and the angel Gabriel had purified that mass of earth whereon Satan spat, God created everything that lives, both of the animals that fly and of them that walk and swim, and he adorned the world with all that it has. One day Satan approached to the gates of paradise, and, seeing the horses eating grass, he announced to them that if that mass of earth should receive a soul there would be for them grievous labour; and that therefore it would be to their advantage to trample that piece of earth in such wise that it should be no more good for anything.

The horses aroused themselves and impetuously set themselves to run over that piece of earth which lay among lilies and roses;. Whereupon God gave spirit to that unclean portion of earth upon which lay the spittle of Satan, which Gabriel had taken up from the mass; and raised up the dog, who, barking, filled the horses with fear, and they fled. Then God gave his soul to man, while all the holy angels sang: “Blessed be your holy name, O God our Lord.” “Adam, having sprung upon his feet, saw in the air a writing that shone like the sun;, which said: “There is only one God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.”

Whereupon Adam opened his mouth and said: “I thank you, O Lord my God, that you have deigned to create me; but tell me. I pray you, what means the message of these words: “Muhammad is Messenger of God. Have there been other men before me?” ‘Then said God: “Be you welcome, O my servant Adam. . I tell you that you are the first man whom I have created. And he whom you have seen [mentioned] is your son, who shall come into the world many years hence, and shall be my Messenger, for whom I have created all things; who shall give light to the world when he shall come; whose soul was set in a celestial splendour ;sixty thousand years before I made any. thing.”

Adam besought God, saying: “Lord, grant me this writing upon the nails of the fingers of my hands.” Then God gave to the first man upon his thumbs that writing; upon the thumb-nail of the right hand it said: “There is only one God;,” and upon the thumb-nail of the left it said: “Muhammad is Messenger ;of God.” Then with fatherly affection the first man kissed those words, and rubbed his eyes, and said: “Blessed be that day when you shall come to the world.”

Seeing the man alone, God said: “It is not well that he should remain alone.” Wherefore he made him to sleep, and took a rib from near his heart, filling the place with flesh. * Of that rib made he Eve, and gave her to Adam for his wife. He set the twain of them as lords of Paradise, to whom he said: “Behold I give to you every fruit to eat, except the apples and the corn” whereof he said: “Beware that in no wise you eat of these fruits, for you shall become unclean, insomuch that I shall not suffer. You to remain here, but shall drive you forth, and you shall suffer great miseries.”

Chapter 40

When Satan had knowledge of this he became mad with indignation, and so he drew near to the gate of paradise where a horrid serpent with legs like a camel, and nails on his feet [that] cut like a razor on every side, stood on guard. The enemy said to him: ‘Let me to enter into paradise.’

The serpent answered: ‘How shall I let you enter [since] God has commanded me to cast you out?’ Satan answered: ‘You see how much God loves you; he has set you outside of paradise to keep guard over a lump of clay, which is man! If you bring me into paradise I will make you so terrible that every one shall flee you, and so you shall go and stay at your pleasure.’ Then the serpent said: ‘And how shall I set you within [paradise]?’

Satan said, ‘You are great: therefore, open your mouth, and I will enter into your belly, and so [when] you enter into paradise [you] shall place me near to those two lumps of clay that are newly walking upon the earth.’ Then the serpent did so, and placed Satan near Eve, for Adam, her husband, was sleeping. Satan presented himself before the woman like a beauteous angel, and said to her: ‘Why do you not eat of those apples and corn?’ Eve answered: ‘Our God has said to us that [if we] eat [them] we shall be unclean, and he will drive us from paradise.’

Satan answered: ‘He does not speak the truth! You must know that God is wicked and envious, and suffers no equals, but keeps every one as a slave. [This is] why he has said this [to you]; in order that you may not become equal to him. But if you and your companion do according to my counsel, you shall eat of those fruits as [you eat] of the other [fruits], and you shall not remain subject to others but like God you shall know good and evil, and you shall do whatever you please, because you shall be equal to God.’

Then Eve took and ate of those [fruits], and when her husband awoke she told [him everything] that Satan had said; and he took and ate the fruit [when] his wife offered them to him. But, as the food was going down, he remembered the words of God, and, wishing to stop the food, he put his hand into his throat, where every man has the mark.

Chapter 41

Then both of them knew that they were naked, and, being ashamed, they took fig leaves and made a clothing for their secret parts. When midday was passed, God appeared to them, and called Adam, saying: ‘Adam, where are you?’ He answered: ‘Lord, I hid myself from your presence because my wife and I are naked, and so we are ashamed to present ourselves before you.’ Then God said: ‘And who has robbed you of your innocence, unless you have eaten the fruit

[that makes you] unclean, and will not be able to abide [any] longer in paradise?’

Adam answered: ‘O Lord, the wife whom you have given me [urged] me to eat [it] and so I have eaten it.’ Then God said to the woman: ‘Why did you give [this] food to your husband?’ Eve answered: ‘Satan deceived me, and so I ate [the fruit].’ ‘And how did that reprobate enter into [the garden]?’ said God. Eve answered: ‘A serpent that stands at the northern gate brought him near to me.’

Then God said to Adam: ‘Because you have [listened to] your wife and have eaten the fruit, cursed be the earth in your works; it shall bring forth brambles and thorns for you, and you shall eat bread by the sweat of your face. Remember that you are earth, and to earth you return.’ And he spoke to Eve, saying: ‘And you who did [listen] to Satan, and gave the food to your husband, shall abide under the dominion of man, who shall keep you as a slave, and you shall bear children with travail.’

And having called the serpent, God called the angel Michael, who holds the sword of God, [and] said: ‘First drive this wicked serpent forth from paradise, and when outside cut off his legs: for if he wants to walk, he must trail his body upon the earth.’ Afterwards God called Satan, who came laughing, and he said to him: ‘Because you, reprobate, have deceived [Adam and Eve] and have made them unclean, I will that every uncleanness [from] them and [from] all their children – [of which] they shall be truly penitent and shall serve me – in going forth from their body shall enter through your mouth, and so shall you be satiated with uncleanness.’

Satan then gave a horrible roar, and said: ‘Since you will to make me [continually] worse, I will make me that which I shall be able!’ Then said God: ‘Depart, cursed one, from my presence!’ Then Satan departed, and God said to Adam [and] Eve, who were both weeping: ‘Go forth from paradise, and do penance, and do not let your hope fail, for I will send your son so that your seed shall lift the dominion of Satan from off the human race: for I will give all things to he who shall come, my Messenger.’

God hid himself [from Adam and Eve], and the angel Michael drove them forth from paradise. Then, Adam, turning around, saw written above the gate, There is only one God, and Muhammad is Messenger of God. Weeping, he said: ‘May it be pleasing to God, O my son, that you come quickly and draw us out of misery.’ And thus,” said Jesus, “Satan and Adam sinned through pride, the one by despising man, the other by wishing to make himself equal with God.”

Chapter 42

Then the disciples wept after this discourse, and Jesus was weeping, when they saw many who came to find him, for the chiefs of the priests took counsel among themselves to catch him in his talk. Wherefore they sent the Levites and some of the scribes to question him, saying: “Who are you?”

Jesus confessed, and said the truth: “I am not the Messiah.” They said: “Are you Elijah or Jeremiah, or any of the ancient prophets?” Jesus answered: “No.” Then said they: “Who are you? Say, in order that we may give testimony to those who sent us.” Then Jesus said: “I am a voice that cries through all Judea, and cries: “Prepare you the way for the messenger of the Lord,” even as it is written in Esaias;.”

They said: “If you be not the Messiah nor Elijah, or any prophet, wherefore do you preach new doctrine, and make yourself of more account than the Messiah?” Jesus answered: “The miracles which God works by my hands show that I speak that which God wills; nor indeed do I make myself to be accounted as him of whom you speak. For I am not worthy to unloose the ties of the hosen or the ratchets of the shoes of the Messenger of God whom you call “Messiah,” who was made before me, and shall come after me, and shall bring the words of truth, so that his faith shall have no end.”

The Levites and scribes departed in confusion, and recounted all to the chiefs of the priests, who said: “He has the devil on his back who recounts all to him.” Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Truly I say to you, that the chiefs and the elders of our people seek occasion against me.” Then said Peter: “Therefore go not you any more into Jerusalem.” Therefore said Jesus to him: “You are foolish, and know not what you say, for it is necessary that I should suffer many persecutions, because so have suffered all the prophets and holy one of God. But fear not, for there be that are with us and there be that are against us.”

And having said this, Jesus departed and went to the mount Tabor, and there ascended with him Peter ;and James ;and John ;his brother, with him who writes this. Whereupon there shone a great light above him, and his garments became white like snow and his face glistened as the sun;, and lo! there came Moses and Elijah; speaking with Jesus concerning all that needs must come upon our race and upon the holy city.

Peter spoke, saying: “Lord, it is good to be here. Therefore, if you will, we will make here three tabernacles, one for you and one for Moses and the other for Elijah.” And while he spoke they were covered with a white cloud, and they heard a voice saying: “Behold my servant, in whom I am well pleased; hear you him.”

The disciples were filled with fear, and fell with their face upon the earth as dead. Jesus went down and raised up his disciples, saying: “Fear not, for God loves you, and has done this in order that you may believe on my words.”



Entonces dijo Juan: <<Bien has hablado, oh maestro, pero todavía no sabemos cómo pecó de soberbia el hombre?>> Jesús contestó: <<Cuando Gabriel hubo expulsado a Satanás, y el ángel Gabriel hubo purificado esa masa de tierra donde escupió Satanás, Dios creo todo lo que vive, tanto los animales que vuelan como aquellos que caminan y nada, y El adomó el mundo con todo lo que éste tiene. Un día Satanás se acercó a las puertas del Paraíso, y viendo a los caballos que comían pasto, y que por lo tanto sería bueno para ellos que pisotearon ese pedazo de tierra de tal manera que ya no sirviese para nada. Los caballos se alborotaron e impetuosamente se pusieron a correr sobre esa masa de tierra que yacía entre lirios y rosas. Entonces Dios le dio espíritu a aquella porción impura de tierra sobre la que estaba el esputo de Satanás, y que Gabriel le había quitado a la masa; e hizo surgir al perro, el cual, ladrando, llenó de temor a los caballos, y ellos huyeron. Entonces Dios le dio su alma al hombre, mientras todos los santos ángeles cantaban: “Bendito será Tu santo Nombre, oh Dios nuestro Señor”.

Adán, habiéndose levantado sobre sus pies, vio en el aire una escritura que brillaba como el sol, que decía: “Hay solamente un Dios. Mohammed es el Mensajero de Dios. Entonces Adán abrió su boca y dijo: “Te agradezco, oh Señor mi Dios, por haberte designado crearme; pero dime, Te lo ruego, qué significa el mensaje de estas palabras: “Mohammed es el Mensajero de Dios” ¿Ha habido otros hombres antes que yo?”. Entonces dijo Dios: “Bienvenido seas, oh Mi siervo Adán. Te digo que tu eres el primer hombre a quien Yo he creado. Y al que tu has visto (mencionado) es tu hijo, quien vendrá al mundo dentro de muchos años, y será Mi mensajero, para el cual he creado Yo todas las cosas; el cual dará luz al mundo cuando él venga; cuya alma fue puesta en un esplendor celestial 60.000 años antes de que Yo hiciese todo”.

Adán rogó a Dios, diciendo: “Señor, concédeme esta escritura sobre las uñas de mis manos”. Entonces Dios le dio al primer hombre sobre sus pulgares ese escrito: sobre la uña del pulgar de la mano derecha decía: “Hay solamente un Dios”; y sobre la uña del pulgar de la izquierda decía: “Mohammed es el Mensajero de Dios”. Entonces con afecto paternal el primer hombre besó estas palabras, y se frotó los ojos, y dijo: “Bendito sea es día cuando vengas al mundo”.

Viendo solo al hombre, dijo Dios: “No es bueno que él parentesco solo”. Así que El lo hizo dormir, y sacó una costilla cercana a su corazón, llenando con carne el lugar. De esa costilla hizo El a Eva, y la dio como esposa a Adán. El colocó a ellos dos como señores del Paraíso, y les dijo: “Ved que yo os doy todo fruto para que comáis, excepto las manzanas y el grano”. Entonces dijo: “Cuidáos y de ninguna manera comáis de estos frutos, pues os volveríais impuros, tanto que Yo no toleraré que permanezcáis aquí, sino no que os expulsaré, y sufriréis grandes miserias”.


Cuando Satanás tuvo conocimiento de esto se volvió loco de indignación. Y así se acercó él a la puerta del Paraíso, donde esta parada haciendo guardia una horrible serpiente, la cual tenía piernas como de camello, y las uñas de sus pies cortaban como navajas de cada lado. A ella le dijo el enemigo: “Déjame entrar al Paraíso”. La serpiente respondió: “¿Y como puedo dejarte entrar, habiéndome ordenado Dios que te saque?”. Satanás contesto: “Ya ves cuánto te ama Dios, ya que El te ha puesto fuera del Paraíso para que hagas guardia ante un trozo de barro, que es el hombre. Así que, si me llevas dentro del Paraíso yo te haré tan terrible que todos huirán de ti, y así cuando gustes podrás ir y quedarte allí”.

Entonces dijo la serpiente: “¿Y cómo te meteré?”. Dijo Satanás: “Tu eres grande; por lo tanto abre tu boca, y yo entraré a tu estómago, y así tu al entrar al Paraíso me pondrás cerca de esos dos trozos de barro que acaban de empezar a caminar sobre la tierra”. Entonces la serpiente lo hizo así, y puso a Satanás cerca de Eva, ya que Adán, su esposo, estaba durmiendo. Satanás se presentó ante la mujer como un bello ángel, y le dijo: “¿Por qué, no coméis sobre la tierra”.

Eva respondió: “Nuestro Dios nos ha dicho que comiendo de ellos seremos impuros, y por lo tanto El nos expulsará del Paraíso”. Satanás contestó: “El no dijo la verdad. Tú debes saber que Dios es malvado y envidioso, y por lo tanto El no tolera tener iguales, sino que quiere mantener a todos como esclavos. Y El os ha hablado así, para que no os vayáis a volver iguales a El. Pero si tú y tu compañero actuáis según mi consejo, comeréis de sus frutos igual que los demás, y no permaneceréis sometidos a otros, sino como Dios conoceréis el bien y el mal, y haréis lo que os plazca, porque vosotros dos seréis iguales a Dios”.

Entonces Eva tomó y comió de esos (frutos), y cuando su esposo despertó ella contó todo lo que Satanás había dicho; y él tomó de ellos, ofreciéndoselos a su esposa, y comió. Entonces, mientras el alimento era tragado, él recordó las palabras de Dios; por lo que, queriendo detener el alimento, él se metió la mano en la garganta, donde todo hombre tiene la marca.


Entonces ambos supieron que estaban desnudos; por lo que, sintieron vergüenza, cogieron hojas de higuera y se hicieron coberturas para sus partes secretas. Cuando pasó el mediodía, hé aquí que Dios se les manifestó, y llamó a Adán, diciendo: “Adán, ¿dónde estás?”. El respondió: “Señor, me escondí de Tu Presencia porque yo y mi esposa estamos desnudos, y así sentimos vergüenza de presentarnos ante Ti”.

Entonces dijo Dios: “¿Y quién os ha robado vuestra inocencia, a no ser que hayáis comido del fruto por razón de lo cual estáis impuros, y no podréis permanecer más en el Paraíso?”. Adán respondió: “Oh Señor, la esposa que Tu me diste me indujo a comer, y así he comido de ello”. Entonces dijo Dios a la mujer: “¿Por qué diste tú ese alimento a tu esposo?”. Eva respondió: “Satanás me engañó, y así comí yo”. “¿Y cómo entró es réprobo”, dijo Dios. Eva respondió: “Una serpiente que estaba parada en la puerta norte lo trajo cerca de mí”. Entonces dijo Dios a Adán: “Por haber tú escuchado la voz de tu esposa y por haber comido el fruto, maldita sea la tierra en tus obras; ella producirá par ti abrojos y espinas, y comerás tu pan con el sudor de tu frente. Y recuerda que eres tierra, y a la tierra regresarás”.

Y habló El a Eva, diciendo: “Y tú que escuchaste a Satanás, y diste el alimento a tu esposo, vivirás bajo el dominio del hombre, quien te tendrá como esclava, y parirás a tus hijos con dificultad”. Y habiendo llamado a la serpiente, Dios llamó al ángel Miguel, el que sostiene la espalda de Dios, (y) dijo: “Primero expulsa del Paraíso a esta malvada serpiente, y cuando esté fuera córtale las piernas: pues si ella quisiese caminar, deberá arrastrar su vientre sobre la tierra”.

Después Dios llamó a Satanás, quien vino riéndose, y le dijo: “Ya que tú, maldito, has engañado a éstos y los hiciste que se volvieran impuros, Yo decreto que toda impureza de ellos y de todos sus hijos, que sean realmente penitentes y Me adoren, que salga de sus cuerpos entrará por tu boca, y así serás saciado con impureza”. Satanás entonces dio un horrible rugido, y dijo: “Ya que Tú deseas hacerme aún, peor, yo sin embargo haré lo que sea capaz de hacer”.

Entonces dijo Dios: “¡Véte, maldito, de Mi Presencia!”. Entonces Satanás partió; y entonces dijo Dios a Adán (y) Eva, que estaban llorando ambos: “Salid del Paraíso, y hacedme penitencia, y que vuestra esperanza no muera, ya que Yo enviaré a vuestro hijo en tal forma que vuestra descendencia quitará el yugo de Satanás de todo el género humano; ya que el vendrá Mi Mensajero, a él le daré todas las cosas”: Dios hizo que el ángel Miguel los expulsase del Paraíso.

Entonces Adán, dando la vuelta, vio escrito sobre la puerta: “No hay dios excepto Dios. Mohammed es Mensajero de Dios”. Entonces, llorando, dijo: Que plazca a Dios, oh hijo mío, que vengas pronto y nos saques de la miseria”>>.

<<Y así>>, dijo Jesús,<< pecaron Satanás y Adán por orgullo, uno al despreciar al hombre, (y) el otro por desear hacerse igual a Dios>>.


Entonces los discípulos lloran después de este discurso, y Jesús estaba llorando, cuando ellos vieron a muchos que venían a encontrarlo, ya que los jefes de los sacerdotes se aconsejaron para atraparlo en su platica. Así que ellos enviaron a los levitas y algunos de los escribas para interrogarlo, diciéndole: <<¿Quien eres tú?>>. Jesús confesó, y dijo la verdad: <<Yo soy el Mesías>>. Ellos dijeron: <<Eres tú Elías o Jeremías, o alguno de los profetas antiguos?>>. Jesús contestó: <<No>>.

Entonces dijeron ellos: <<¿Quien eres? Dí, para que nosotros podamos dar testimonio a aquéllos que nos enviaron>>. Entonces dijo Jesús: <<Yo soy una voz que grita por toda Judea, y grita: “Preparad el camino par el Mensajero del Señor”, tal como está escrito en Isaías>>.

Ellos dijeron: <<Si tú no eres el Mesías ni Elías, ni ningún profeta, ¿porque predicas nueva doctrina, y te haces de más importancia que el Mesías?>>. Jesús respondió: <<Los milagros que Dios obra por mis manos muestran que yo hablo lo que Dios desea; y que no hago pasar por aquél de quien habláis, ya que yo no soy digno de aflojar las cintas de las sandalias del Mensajero de Dios a quien vosotros llamáis “Mesías”, el cual fue hecho antes que yo, y vendrá después de mí, y traerá las palabras de verdad, así que su religión no tendrá fin jamás>>.

The Church and Christianity Inquisition

The Rise of the Dutch Republic, by John Lothrop Motley “Upon the 16th February, 1568, a sentence of the Holy Office condemned all the inhabitants of the Netherlands to death as heretics. From this universal doom only a few persons, especially named; were exempted. A proclamation of King Philip II of Spain, dated ten days later, confirmed this decree of the inquisition, and ordered it to be carried into instant execution, without regard to age, sex, or condition. This is probably the most concise death- warrant that was ever framed. Three millions of people, men, women, and children, were sentenced to the scaffold in three lines… And under this new decree, the executions certainly did not slacken. Men in the highest and the humblest positions were daily and hourly dragged to the stake. Alva, in a single letter to Philip, coolly estimated the number of executions which were to take place immediately after the expiration of holy week, “at eight hundred heads.”
Many a citizen, convicted of a hundred thousand florins and of no other crime, saw himself suddenly tied to a horse’s tail, with his hands fastened behind him, and so dragged to the gallows. But although wealth was an unpardonable sin, poverty proved rarely a protection. Reasons sufficient could always be found for dooming the starveling laborer as well as the opulent burgher. To avoid the disturbances created in the streets by the frequent harangues or exhortations addressed to the bystanders by the victims on their way to the scaffold, a new gag was invented. The tongue of each prisoner was screwed into an iron ring, and then seared with a hot iron. The swelling and inflammation which were the immediate result, prevented the tongue from slipping through the ring, and of course effectually precluded all possibility of speech.”

Islam and Peace 

“There is no compulsion in religion.Truth stands out clear from error.” (Qur’an Sura 2: Aia # 256). God (Allah) sent this revelation almost one thousand (1000) years before this Genocide that the Catholic Church committed in the Netherlands.
On the other hand, what was the behavior of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he returned victorious to Makkah al Mukarramah with a ten thousand (10000) strong army of followers (may Allah be pleased with all of them)?

On the day of the conquest of Makkah al Mukarramah, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) could have taken revenge and like all traditional conquerors exterminate all those who tortured, killed and oppressed his followers but instead his strict instruction was not to harm anyone and forgave them all unconditionally.
Of course, prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was following strict instructions from the Creator of the visible and invisible, ALLAH, Who is not Jesus Christ, as many people have invented, and who revealed the following verses to His last Prophet and messenger, Muhammad (SAW)
Por supuesto, el Profeta Muhammad (la paz y bendiciones de Allah sean con el) estaba siguiendo estrictas instrucciones del Creador de lo visible e invisible, Alá, que no es Jesucristo, como mucha gente ha inventado, y quien reveló los siguientes versos a su ultimo profeta y mensajero, Muhammad (la paz y bendiciones de Allah sean con el):


Sura N°22 – La peregrinación (Al-Hajj). – 78 versículos

¡En el nombre de Alá, el Compasivo, el Misericordioso!

1. ¡Hombres! ¡Temed a vuestro Señor! El terremoto de la Hora será algo terrible.

2. Cuando eso ocurra, toda nodriza olvidará a su lactante, toda embarazada abortará. Los hombres parecerán, sin estarlo, ebrios. El castigo de Alá será severo.

3. Hay algunos hombres que discuten de Alá sin tener conocimiento, y siguen a todo demonio rebelde.

4. Se le ha prescrito que extravíe y guíe al castigo del fuego de la gehena a quien le tome por dueño.

5. ¡Hombres! Si dudáis de la resurrección, Nosotros os hemos creado de tierra; luego, de una gota; luego, de un coágulo de sangre; luego, de un embrión formado o informe. Para aclararos. Depositamos en las matrices lo que queremos por un tiempo determinado; luego, os hacemos salir como criaturas para alcanzar, más tarde, la madurez. Algunos de vosotros mueren prematuramente; otros viven hasta alcanzar una edad decrépita, para que, después de haber sabido, terminen no sabiendo nada. Ves la tierra reseca, pero, cuando hacemos que el agua baje sobre ella, se agita, se hincha y hace brotar toda especie primorosa.

Why I embraced Islam after being a Christian for about 20 years? Find out by yourself in the following presentation.
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La Iglesia católica y sus crímenes contra la Humanidad


The presentation at the link below will enlighten even more, men and women of understanding.

Mi Gran Amor Por Jesús Me Condujo Al Islam

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Great Love for Jesus Presentation
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My Great Love For Jesus Christ Led Me To Islam (Filipino Language-Now-available-for-downloading-Praise-be-to-God)

May God make it easy for all the path to Paradise. Amen

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  1. MBAC
    April 6, 2017

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. Research on what happened with 120 million people in all the American continent, very dramatic indeed.

  2. MBAC
    April 6, 2017

    This 120 millions of native Americans (from Tierra de Fuegos (South America) to Alaska (North America)suffered the full genocidal “Tsunami” of the Catholic Church

  3. Ismail
    March 20, 2018

    This is a great and informative content. God bless you.


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