Leadership influenced by Islam/Liderazgo influenciado por Islam

For all leaders to reflect:


“In ‘Bonaparte Et L’Islam’, by Christian Cherfils, published in 1914, Napoleon Bonaparte is officially recorded as having made the following declaration:

‘I hope that the time is not far off, when I will be able to unite all the wise and educated men from all countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Qur’an, which alone are true and alone can lead men to happiness…’ (Correspondence de Napoleon Ist, N3148 (Uti sup.).

He was an ardent opponent of interest and compound interest. When shown a table of compound interest, he reflected and said:

“It is astonishing that this monster interest has not devoured the whole of humanity. It would have done so long ago, had not revolution and bankruptcy acted as counter poison.” (Quoted in, Lincoln, Money martyred)

The Battle of Waterloo was the result of his abolishing interest, and getting the French Sanhedrin, under Rabbi David Sindzsheim, to agree to its abolition. This went down like a lead balloon in the banking houses of Rothschild, and Wellington, Rothschild’s agent, was dispatched to prevent a new exodus of slaves. Napoleon had recognized the superiority of Islam, which can be seen in his ‘Code Napoleon’, the present system of law in France, which, with the exception of family law, is entirely Islamic. And why, one British judge said that: ‘In France, they have courts of Justice, whilst we must contend with courts of law’.”
Emmanuel Kant, and Goethe, also converted to Islam. According to Thomas Carlyle, in ‘Heroes and Hero Worship’, Goethe said:

“If this be Islam …do we not all live in Islam?” (p.75 Macmillan, London, 1904 edition.) “


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